Kississippi Announces New EP + Breakup Banger “Last Time”

Philadelphia-based indie pop sensation Kississippi is back with a bang! She’s just announced her sharp-tongued, transformative EP, “damned if i do it for you,” set to drop on July 26. To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Kississippi has also released the bold and whimsical track “Last Time,” which is available now. And the excitement doesn’t stop there. This July, Kississippi will be heading to the West Coast for a series of tour dates alongside indie rock musician talker. You can find all the tour dates below and snag your tickets now at

This new project sees Kississippi, also known as Zoe Reynolds, diving deep into her past and present pain while celebrating her current self. With striking production, evocative vocals, and her signature heart-wrenching, punky pop style, “damned if i do it for you” promises to be an unforgettable journey.


The EP, which spans four tracks, reunites Kississippi with producer Andy Park, who also worked on her 2021 album “Mood Ring.” This time around, Kississippi brings fresh life experiences and a newfound sense of self to the table. When she hit a creative wall, she turned to Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties) for workshopping, and later collaborated with Sarah Tudzin (boygenius, Speedy Ortiz) and Maddie Ross for the finishing touches. The seeds of the track “Bird Song” were planted during this time and blossomed under Park’s guidance. The EP’s centerpiece, “Jesus Freak,” stands out as an anthemic guitar-pop track that’s bright, celebratory, and anxiously cathartic, showcasing Kississippi’s masterful command of tension and release.

Kississippi describes the collection as “a journey of introspection, peeling back all of your layers and searching for the love that you’ve always dreamed of within yourself. It’s a battle to find bliss in solitude, while you’re still healing from the wounds of a shattered heart. Along the way, it uncovers truths about identity and grapples with whether or not the imperfections you’ve found can be transformed into something beautiful. It’s a path to self-discovery and growth, as you navigate the complexities of self-love and acceptance.

“Last Time”

The track “Last Time” was inspired by a run-in with an ex-partner at a gig, leading to a bout of heartache. Kississippi recalls, “As I took the stage with only a drum machine and mic, it hit me that I was essentially doing karaoke to these songs about unrequited love, knowing that the person I wrote them about was in the next room with someone else.” The song is a playful yet defiant goodbye, perfect for looping on repeat. “Last Time’ is about realizing someone you love has moved on before you know it, and the irony of having to do it live, in front of an audience.”

Kississippi Tour

Kississippi’s tour kicks off on July 18 in Seattle, WA, and makes its way down the West Coast, stopping in cities like Portland, Sacramento, and San Francisco before wrapping up in Los Angeles on July 26. Check out the full list of dates below, and get your tickets at

Since her debut in 2015 with the EP “We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed,” Kississippi has continued to charm audiences with her playful yet poignant music. She has released two albums—her indie rock debut “Sunset Blush” in 2018 and “Mood Ring” in 2021—and supported major acts like Dashboard Confessional, Kevin Devine, and The Wonder Years. Her captivating performances and distinctive sound have earned her praise from Pitchfork, Billboard, WXPN’s World Cafe, and Stereogum, among others. Pitchfork noted that “Mood Ring” includes a “blissful shimmer” and highlighted how “in these moments of imperfection, when Reynolds reveals some rust among the gold, she is most luminous.”

Stay Connected

With glittering synths and masterful lyricism, Kississippi paints vivid portraits of the human condition, blending cheekiness and profundity in dance-cry anthems that never age. As she prepares to release her first project in three years, “damned if i do it for you,” Kississippi is more assured than ever, embracing her imperfections and finding true self-love. The summer breakup anthem “Last Time” is out now, and fans can catch Kississippi live on tour with talker.

Listen to “Last Time” below or click here to steam on your favorite platform. Stay connected with Kississippi on social media below and keep an eye out for more exciting updates from this rising star.

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Tour Dates

Kississippi Summer Tour 2024 with talker
Jul. 18 – Seattle, WA – Funhouse
Jul. 19 – Portland, OR – Kelly’s Olympian
Jul. 20 – Sacramento, CA – Russ Room
Jul. 25 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
Jul. 26 – Los Angeles, CA – Permanent Records Roadhouse

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