Canadian MC, Yung LP drops “On Me”

The future of Canada’s Hip Hop scene is Yung LP. With influences like Meek Mill , Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Durk he always wanted to be different and stay away from a mainstream sound. This led him to mixing real rap and hip hop, with a modern flare, creating his unique sound. A sound that attracts both new school and old school listeners. As a child he loved to sing but when he learned how to rap he knew he had something that could change his family’s lives forever. Growing up with 4 other brothers his mom really struggled with money and financial issues. Lp thought the best way to help was to use his creativity and bring in a profit. Battling criticism and underestimation from most of his peers in a small town made it hard for him to achieve success in this industry, but he managed to overcome all of his fears and put people’s doubts to rest. He has performed in front of over 200 people at different venues and artists showcases in Toronto, Miami, and New York. All of this has helped him meet with industry professionals and gaining a lot of experience. From here on out he only plans to continue to work 10 times harder than he did before.

Yung LP – “On Me”
Prod. By Swelly Beats

Available on all streaming services: and follow @itsYungLP on twitter and @YungLP on instgram

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