Ericka Guitron Makes Her Solo Debut with “Mascara Tears”

Ericka Guitron gets ready to release her first single, “Mascara Tears ”from her upcoming EP, A Thousand Skins, produced by Byram, set to release on Monday, March 19. “Mascara Tears” is a message about accepting emotions that we often try to suppress that are in fact healthy for us to release. In this track she revisits a painful, heartbreaking memory where a former relationship hit turmoil and it was time to move their separate ways. In response to the significant other’s ego filled defense mechanisms of acting like he didn’t care and avoiding unwanted confrontation of his feelings of loss, Guitron chose to embrace the healthy process of emotions enough so that she could even empathetically cry enough for not only herself but for “the both of us” as she so eloquently puts it in the chorus of the song.

With 7 years of professional experience as a singer, she’s no stranger to taking the stage or doing covers in her own style that never fail to leave her audience in awe. Now she’s excited to be showcasing her original art with her own messages.

“I want people to see courage, resilience and honesty when they see me. I’ve been through a lot of hard things growing up and have come along way. I want people to see that despite my obstacles growing up, I was able to overcome – and I want it to encourage others to do the same.”

She is thrilled to share her music with the world and is ready to create a legacy of her own. With a dedicated team behind her, a goal, and an impeccable work ethic – there will be more to come in the upcoming year.

Follow Ericka on @erickaguitron on Twitter and Instagram and @erickaguitronmusic on Facebook

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