DREKA GATES Hangs with Her Fans at the Opening of CANDYTOPIA

Business woman/entrepreneur/cool mom/music maven, Dreka Gates, was invited to enjoy the opening day of Candytopia Art Exhibit in West Hollywood, CA. Instead of attending on her own, Dreka took the opportunity to reach out to her online community and give her fans an chance to meet her in person in an intimate environment. The mother of two and wife to Kevin Gates enjoyed memorable moments with fans and friends while experiencing the art exhibit.

When asked why she decided to spend the opening day of Candytopia with her fans, Dreka expressed:

“I wanted to bring some of my fans into my world a little bit and let them experience something that I REALLY enjoy doing! For the past year I’ve basically been a tourist in “my” own city and have been visiting different museums, taking hikes, and other pop ups. I’m currently obsessed with the pop up museums and escape rooms!”

Meeting her fans and getting to spend the day with them, made Dreka realize how the choices she’s makes in her life impact the lives of the people paying attention to her on social media and the blogs.

“Well the coolest story was the 2 fans that were actually from Louisiana, which is where I was born and raised. That was really crazy. But the majority of them all told me stories of me inspiring them to follow their dream and that was really inspiring to me because I never really know the impact that I have on others until someone tells me. That made me feel really good and inspired me even more to just keep doing what I do!!”

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