Rapper Compares Gang Culture to Particle Physics in New Music Video Antimatter

Amidst growing gang violence in his hometown of London, ‘CERN’ rapper, Consensus, has decided to respond with a gang culture / particle physics concept video “Antimatter”.

Antimatter takes a meta look at gang type conflicts and their impact on society, directly making comparisons to particle physics phenomena.

Verse 1 compares gang violence conflict to proton – anti-proton annihilation.
Verse 2 compares police brutality and rising anti-police sentiment to electron-positron annihilation.
Verse 3 breaks sentiments down through general political unrest, activism, and the origins of antimatter from the beginnings of the universe.

Consensus’ Antimatter video was intended to raise awareness of where conflicts like the rise of gang violence come from. At the same time it introduces the affected demographics of the culture with new concepts in STEM activities and further education. His idea is that gang culture is more a symptom of socio-economic failings and a lack of education rather than the rap music that often elevates it.

The track itself comes from a whole album on particle physics produced collaboration with The Large hadron Collider, CERN and art@CMS. Since the album was released last year, Consensus has engaged in a multitude of platforms including guest lectures and performance at CERNCambridge, Oxford and Central St Martins University, and is currently working with the Ontario Science Centre as Dr. Micheal Hoch’s, Origin Project.


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