Brian ‘Sene’ Marc starts his own label – Beau Novo

Roughly Translated as ‘New Suitor’, Beau Novo marks the next step in an ever evolving career for the modern day renaissance man.

Beau Novo is both an inclusive. androgynous clothing line that refuses to present in a mens/ women’s collection manner. It is also a multi genre- record label that will encourage artists to be as uniquely themselves as possible. With a small but growing team cored by marketing manager/ web designer Bobby Bruno and LABEL/ PR manager Mika aka B-Side Anthems Beau Novo intends to break all the rules and look good doing it.

Known to friends as Sene, Brian started off in the rap world with his debut album’ A Day Late & A Dollar Short’ produced by Blu (Blu & Exile). His second album ‘Brooklyknight’ would go on to open new doors and establish him as a NY artist to watch at the forefront of the hip hop scene. Then, almost inexplicably, Sene stepped away from the raps and launched the underground pop duo Denitia and Sene to much fan fare and critical acclaim. Their Debut full length “His and Hers’ would go on to break iTunes’ top 10 charts for sales alongside a slew of mainstream artists. After the success of D&S, Brian made his feature film debut in Elizabeth Wood’s WHITE GIRL cementing himself as the newest face to watch for on the big screen.

After a handful of continued successes both in music and film, sene wanted to take this influence and spread the love.

With it’s first single release jodnyl’s – ‘blood’ being widespread success amongst Spotify creme de la creme playlists, Beau Novo follows with the introduction of its newest artist, Reclining Nude.

Reclining Nude is Brooklyn musician and artist Cade Sadler (previously of Foe Destroyer and Sanctuary Sound). As a chilled-out antidote to the jackhammers and sirens of New York City life, Sadler creates skillfully layered, melted-cassette pop with the live help of a rotating cast of Ditmas Park’s finest and most available musicians.

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