It’s Boss B*tch Season: The Bobby Effect Releases New Video for “Own”

Cali rapper The Bobby Effectearned the moniker “trill goddess” for her trademark blend of hood sensibility and enlightened world view. In her latest video “Own” from her full-length album E11EVEN, that layered identity is in full effect as she spits fire about the independent spirit that keeps her mind clear and pockets fat.

Know I’m bout to cop it I don’t care what that shit cost/ Ain’t no mountain high enough big up Diana Ross/ Know my pockets fatter than the old Rick Ross/ Wrist shine hard you can turn the lights off

With a beat and flow reminiscent of darkly creative crew Odd Future (if they signed Nicki Minaj…), “Own” makes a big statement outside of its unique sound: the title shares its letters with the TV network owned by Oprah Winfrey, an intentional connection drawn by The Bobby Effect to honor one of the women who’s inspired her fearless attitude. As she explained in a recent interview, “Everybody thinks the name of the song is “Own” just because I have my own bag, but really it was inspired by the Oprah Winfrey Network. She inspires me because she is a BOSS in every sense.”

The metaphor of the multiple Bobbys in the scenes where she plays guest and bellman speaks to her commitment to have her own back…this woman depends on no one, even if she has to work like there’s two of her! The monochromatic pink visuals and the bunnies are an homage to her femininity, something that her powerful spirit complements, not contradicts. “Own” is an empowerment anthem about letting women be the strong and complex individuals that they are, with NOTHING holding them back.

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