Ricki Erik Releases ‘Como Te Llamas’

Ricki Erik

In his new track, ‘Como Te Llamas’, Ricki Erik is channelling a latin-pop sound and vibe. It is a track that not only makes us excited for summer 2023 but also makes us think about warm summer nights from the past. Ricki is in complete command throughout the course of this track, which exudes a comforting atmosphere that can be felt instantly.

This single is proving to be a hugely popular gem not just among his devoted following but also among new listeners equally. It can be found on his most recent album, ‘Genreality’. The production exudes an unadulterated form of energy, which, in turn, transports us to a place far removed from the mayhem and anxiety that so frequently consumes our days. Ricki’s vocal is silky and his technique is not all that dissimilar from that of reggae musicians from earlier eras. He turns up the heat here, and his tones blend well with the music.

The song is the shortest one on his new record, clocking in at just 2 minutes and 29 seconds, yet it still manages to pack a lot into its running time. Also, the music serves as an excellent segue into the next track, ‘Here I Come Baby’ which comes right after it.

You can listen here.

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