AJ Whyte Drops ‘Back To The Water’

AJ Whyte

AJ Whyte, has released his newest single, ‘Back To The Water’. The most recent release from the singer-songwriter is sure to get you tapping your feet! The recording is loaded with textures, and the decision to include bass and drums was an astute one.

This song evokes a sense of nostalgia for simpler times, with AJ’s lyrics expressing a desire to flee the chaos that pervades one’s environment and yearning for a haven where one can relax in the knowledge that they are protected from potential danger. No matter how far away AJ goes, there is always someone or something that drags him back to the place he was before. On this track, AJ talks of heading back to the water, which is most likely a reference to those who have spent the majority of their lives out at sea, whether they did so as part of the military or in some other capacity.

‘Back To The Water’ is a gem when it comes to its music! The flow in the rhythm is infectious, and the synergy between all of the instruments is flawless.

Listen here.

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