Zonj3 Releases Smashing New Track ‘Extra’


Zonj3 is never shy when it comes to dropping a hit. In fact, he has quite a track record when it comes to delivering the goods.

His new track ‘Extra’ is in my opinion UK hip hop at its finest. However, it does not stick to the status quo with a sound as distinctive as his name. Furthermore, the track starts with a guitar lead, which to be honest I was not expecting. Nevertheless, it is not long until we get back to Zonj3’s signature sound with a well performed vocal.


‘Unique’ is the best way to sum this track up. At various points in the song I do hear an influence of Nubian music and it works perfectly with Zonj3’s catchy melodies. It’s a smooth track and it screams confidence throughout evidently proving that Zonj3 is well suited to the commercial market.

The message is portrayed well. This artist is clearly expressive of falling in love and it changing him for the better. Well, if this track is the result of love then please Zonj3 keep them coming.

If you are looking for the latest in Hip Hop, then look no further than Zonj3. This track is set to put the London born artist on the radar of many globally.

You can keep up date with Zonj3 on Twitter.

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