Philthy Rich Vacations in Luxury in New “CABOS” Video

The new video for “CABOS” has Philthy Rich vacationing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Los Cabos, Mexico. Oakland native Philthy Rich represents for the Bay Area, but sometimes you gotta leave the streets behind and celebrate the good life, and in this Josh Fields-directed visual, Philthy and his entourage are doing just that.

Leave S.F.O. on a first class flight / B***h I used to be broke, but I got my cash right / I been riding these jet skis in the winter time / One hand on the wheel while me and ya b***h Facetime /

Philthy Rich released his STACKED N.E.R.N.L. 4 album earlier this year and never slowed down, dropping video after video and even finding time to give away 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms and backpacks to the youth of his hometown this summer. But in “CABOS,” Philthy is taking some time off to reflect on how far he’s come from his troubled Seminary neighborhood, and enjoy the very best that life has to offer. From vibing on the yacht with his squad, to jet skiing in the crystal blue waters, to fine dining and horseback riding with his “bad Asian b***h,” Philthy Rich is hundreds of miles from home but staying 100% true to form.

Presidential suite cost me like a dollar nine / Leave the balcony door open when I fall asleep at night / Told the captain drop the anchor so the hoes can see the yacht/ Louis swim shorts designer on me when you think it’s not/

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