Mr Jayvic Unleashes ‘Let Love Lead The Way’

Mr Jayvic

Mr Jayvic, an Afropop maestro, based in London, has released a new tune, ‘Let Love Lead The Way’. Jayvic, who is quickly becoming one of the most promising new artists in the scene, also brings forth his wife, Aisha J, in a collaboration that turns out to be very successful.

‘Let Love Lead The Way’ begins with a warm synth arrangement that incorporates a spoken vocal from Mr Jayvic. The vocal, right from the start, is thought-provoking with its wordplay, and it stands out at a moment when the world needs more love. In addition, Mr Jayvic emphasises the significance of togetherness and emphasises the necessity for us to remain united, particularly at this time when the globe is in upheaval for a variety of reasons.

This track has a mood that is reminiscent of Latin music, which contributes to its overall allure. In addition, it boasts a penetrating beat that hits with a lot of vitality, so there is a little bit of something for everyone here. Additionally, the multitude of sounds in the background produces a soundscape that creates an inexcusably engrossing feeling.

Aisha J makes her appearance almost halfway through the song, and her fiery performance invigorates the remainder of the song. Her vocal tones and Mr Jayvic’s complement one another beautifully, and the two of them turn out to be formidable players in the game.

Overall, this release from Mr Jayvic is of the highest calibre; it is one that we have no choice but to believe will gain popularity as more people become aware of it.

You can listen here.

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