Vehicle City Esports to Take Over Gaming With New Tournaments and Team

Vehicle City Esports™ is an upcoming organization hosting cash-winning gaming tournaments.

“Our mission is to unite gamers all across the globe. We strive towards providing another possible stream of income for competitive gamers! At the same time, our hope is to bring attention to Flint, Michigan for more than just water, poverty, and crime.

We are currently hosting CODMOBILE tournaments but we are ready and eager to engage other games! We have provided players with thousands of dollars in winnings and we’re not stopping there! We are also actively making plans to expand into the NBA 2K community, as well as console gaming.”

Brandon Jones, owner of Vehicle City Esports, stated; “I remember winning my very first gaming tournament and earning that prize money was so rewarding for me. I got paid for doing what I truly loved! Now I’m super excited to help other gamers experience that moment for themselves.”

No money for an entry fee? NO PROBLEM! Here at Vehicle City Esports we pride ourselves on hosting many tournaments which don’t require players to pay ANYTHING! Yet gamers still have a fair chance at winning a cash prize. Didn’t come in first place? No worries there either as many of our tournaments have second place and sometimes even third place winnings.

They have now expanded their tournaments to India! Now gamers from different parts of the world can have their chance at competing for prizes along with making friends overseas!

“Adhering to different time zones was a challenge at first. But we listened to our community and took action” began Jones, “The more we expand, the more our mission statement continues to ring true.”

Casual gamers are welcome as well. There is a Discord server setup with over 800 friendly members worldwide! Anyone is welcome to come chat with staff, players, or even the owner! We also have mini games embedded within the server to keep the fun rolling in our chat rooms.

Partnerships are a vital part in keeping the esports community saturated with opportunities for gamers. Through Discord we are able to present players with many other brands and organizations, of all magnitudes, that are creating avenues for players to connect and compete with other gamers who want to continuously compete and have fun growing their earnings.

“Many of our tournaments are scheduled on Saturdays but times may vary. As we look to expand we also may have special days for future tournaments. If you are interested in joining, click on the link below to stay updated with our latest tournaments only on Battlefy.”

For anyone wanting to stop by to chat and hang out, click on this link below to join their Discord;

Visit their Instagram page where they post gaming related memes, highlighted gaming clips, tournament reminders and more! ( They have also established an Esports team where there are looking for those special gamers who are looking to get even more competitive (
There, we have shared highlights of different team members accomplishments and help members grow their content.

For more information email Brandon Jones at

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