Sahtyre debuts “Been Sussin” video

Sahtyre’s releases the first visual off of his CRYNOWDIELATER project, which dropped last month and landed in the top 20 of Apple’s Hot New Music on iTunes.

Sahtyre says, “We pulled up to a random junkyard out in Sun Valley with 3 backpacks packed with 20k in camera equipment. You definitely aren’t supposed to bring cameras in there but I guess it looked like we were bringing tools or something to work on the cars. We basically went as far away from the entrance as possible, setup up the RED cam and started shooting everything we could, anticipating that we’d get caught and kicked out at any moment. Somehow we ended up shooting for an hour straight with no interruptions and dipped out with all this crazy footage.”

Directed by Nick Rodriguez (Stop Sign Pros)

Click Here to Stream/Download CRYNOWDIELATER

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