Far East Movement First American Artists Signed to CHINA’s NetEase

“The fact that an independent, Asian-American hip-hop chart-topper has decided to partner with a Chinese streaming service on a new release underscores changes in power and influence between major labels and tech platforms, especially as the music business continues to globalize.” – Billboard

World renown EDM pioneers Far East Movement continue to bridge the gap between the East and West with their multi-million dollar deal with China’s leading internet giant, NetEase. Not only is NetEase one of the largest internet companies in the world, this new venture breaks ground as the very first deal they’ve signed with an American recording artist to develop and release brand new musical content.

Kev Nish of Far East Movement exclaims, “This year has been a huge shift forward for Asian entertainers and we are incredibly proud of how far our community has come in pop culture. Before Crazy Rich Asians, there hadn’t been a major film with an all Asian cast in 25 years. Then after that, Awkwafina makes history as the second Asian-American to host Saturday Night Live. Reflecting on our path, we have always tried to challenge ourselves to represent our culture through music in new ways. With this cross culture and cross continental partnership with NetEase, we are excited to fuse the fast growing music scene in China with what we are doing in the Asian American scene through our company Transparent Arts.”

Prohgress of Far East Movement continues, “We spent the last few years in Asia learning about the music scene out there, and we felt it was important to add that identity into Far East Movement. This project is specifically inspired by our journey in China. It’s a humbling story of discovering new things about yourself and being open and receptive to wherever life takes you.”

Each month, Far East Movement will release a new song collaboration with a Chinese superstar. Today, Far East Movement is proud to release their multi-lingual debut single entitled “Bamboo,” a smooth electro-pop melody featuring multi-talented Chinese pop sensation Jason Zhang and soulful Asian-American songstress Kina Grannis. The song mixes elements of modern pop melodies with woodwind production to create a futuristic “electronic bamboo” sound that pays homage to both cultures.

“Bamboo” is featured on Spotify’s coveted “New Music Friday” Playlists worldwide: United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Polska, Schweiz and of course, China!

Fans may remember Chinese crooner Jason Zhang as “Best International Artist” at the 46th annual American Music Awards, but he was also crowned China’s Most Popular Male Singer Award 33 times and Best Male Singer 12 times. Moreover, Japanese-American YouTube star Kina Grannis was recently featured in the box office smash hit Crazy Rich Asians as the enchanting wedding singer who covered Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

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