Andre Rose releases new single “It’s Going Down”

The song has a tuff, boppy, and rugged beat that sets the tone of the track. And starts with a intro that’s in a Jamaican accent that quotes “shot a buss miggle day miggle night, what you feel like” translation [shots are going off in the middle of the day and middle of the night, what do you think this is?] (Both artists are from Jamaican heritage that’s rooted in the Jamaican ghetto/lower class culture). The hook is an exaggerated reflection of common responses of things said or what’s required to be in these rough areas that’s represented in this song.
Listening to this track you notice the song is multi dimensional and listening to the verses you notice two different perspectives deriving from the same living situation.

About Andre Rose
Andre Rose (Jevon Roye) was born in Miami FL to Jamaican parents. From a young age, his household played various types of music from reggae to blues. At 2 years old, he had a near death experience, nearly drowning in the family’s back yard pool. He was pulled out the water unresponsive, resulting in two months hospitalization, three weeks of which were spent in comatose. Doctors told his parents if he were survive; he will live the remainder of his life with brain damage. His father played a radio by Andre’s ear day and night hoping to get a response when one day, he did. Til this day, Andre says music is what saved his life.

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