Jane Handcock is Stunning in New Video for “My N***a”

Brilliant R&B singer/songwriter Jane Handcock is leaving her mark on our minds and hearts once again with the beautifully-crafted visual for her latest single, “My Nigga.”

As the protégé of multi-Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq (the producer behind her early mixtapes), the talented Ms. Handcock has already written hit lyrics for the likes of Adrian Marcel, Kelly Rowland, and Ma$e. But now her recent singles like “647” and “Woopty Woop” are leaving a lasting impression on everyone who experiences them, and this latest visual is even more fuel for her rise to stardom.
As Jane explained in a recent interview, she only writes from real experiences — everything she does is authentic. “I was raised to believe that you never talk about what you haven’t been through and I’ve taken that belief subconsciously into my music. I don’t write about things I haven’t been through, so even when I’m writing for somebody else, I tap into them FOR REAL.”

In “My Nigga,” Jane Handcock is stunning as she sings about real love, the kind that makes you shine from the inside out. Take me, don’t break me/ Glow me up, don’t stress me out/ See my self esteem is better/ since you came in, without a doubt. Known for pouring her heart into her lyrics, Jane reflects on all the qualities that make her relationship so important to her, and the scenes from her life as she finds “the one” show her playful-but-sincere personality.

As usual, the narratives in “My Nigga” are wise beyond Jane Handcock’s years. As she gushes poetically about her true love, she still reflects honestly on his imperfections (as well as her own). My past ain’t perfect/ But you still see that I’m worth it. This is no infatuation…”My Nigga” is about Jane finding someone she’s ready to call her own. As she finds her peace in the spotlight, now writing and SINGING her truth, she’s destined to make us want more and more. Follow this talented artist here —-> @handcockjay

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