The Now Unmasked Fly Jones Releases New Single Featuring Smiggz “The Realest”

Fly Jones, known as the mysterious ski-mask sporting rapper with an unrelenting flow, is back with a new single and a new look–both sharing the realness his fans have been waiting for. In new track “The Realest,” the now un-masked Jones raps with smooth articulation about his boss lifestyle.
I’m sick of emotions/and silly emojis/Say bye to the coastline/arrive in Aruba by the evening

East Coast and Midwest influences shine through Fly Jones’ sound, and the subject matter of “The Realest” is a life he’s truly lived. “I’ve run empires that I can never tell the public about, but it has made me the person I am today. I have a past that I moved on from and I’m taking this craft here very serious,” explains Jones.

On “The Realest,” a haunting intro gives way to Fly Jones’ swag, complemented by a soulful sample and vocals from frequent Berner collaborator Smiggz. On the hook, the lyrics remind listeners to take the time to celebrate the ones who celebrate them.
She be calling me the realest, she be calling me the realest/I been trappin just to get it, I been trappin just to get it

“When you come to the jungle, you gotta be a lion,” says Fly about his musical style. “Sometimes you have to roar. Not everybody can understand the evolution I’ve gone through as a person, but it has brought me here. I’ve perfected my craft to another level. I get better every time I write a song. In ‘The Realest,’ I don’t even use one single cuss word to rhyme with. Every word that I’m saying really means something,” explains Fly. With a non-stop string of hits over the last year as he emerges at his new skill level, there’s no doubt Fly Jones has a lot more in store for the rap game.

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