King Royal Releases ‘Wholelottaguap’

King Royal

King Royal teams up with Lil Noodle on his latest track, ‘Wholelottaguap’. This one is the exhilarating experience that will have you hooked from the start! It’s a hip hop treasure that wonderfully closes up 2021!

No energy gets lost on this new release from the California rapper, and the studio’s original dynamics and raw power pops out throughout the mix. It begins with a harrowing overture, with a gripping quality coming from the speakers right away. King Royal then rises to the top and takes a step far out from the underground, giving a rap vocal as powerful as some of the best rap performances.

The Inland Empire of California is home to King Royal, who is proud of his heritage. We have to take our hat off to the newcomer because he speaks openly about his community and aims to put his neighbourhood on the map. God, his family, and even legends like Lil Wayne and Jay-Z serve as sources of inspiration for him. Combining what he is most passionate about creates this hybrid flavour that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lil Noodle also delivers a stellar performance, adding an extra edge to the mix that helps this tune stand out! Furthermore, his tones blend wonderfully with those of King Royal, and they both flow in seamlessly with the melody.

Check it out here.

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