New Music from Naomi Westwater: Huntress: from dark to light

Huntress: from dark to light is the first concept album by Indie artist Naomi Westwater. Inspired by Diana, the Roman Goddess of the hunt, moon, and forest, Huntress: from dark to light explores the female archetype of a “huntress” with songs about female empowerment, love, vulnerability, and primal desires. The 8 songs on the album travel from dark to light, Indie electronic to organic Americana, power to empowerment. 

Naomi Westwater is a powerhouse, singer-songwriter, and producer from Boston, Massachusetts. Mixing organic Americana and electronic Indie, her imaginative stage presence, intimate lyrics, and emotive voice, inspire and provoke audiences. Naomi is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with her Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance Production, and is currently a Graduate Fellow at Berklee. Her album Huntress: from dark to light was released in November. The full project can be found at the links below, follow Naomi Westwater on FB, IG, Twitter,YouTube, and visit
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