Karuna Release Two New Singles


Karuna, fronted by Abigail Rooley-Towle, are back and doing what they do best: churning out music that transports us far from our surroundings and into utopia!

The ensemble have a clever way of reflecting the world around us, the climate crisis, and the fundamental problems we face by combining it into soundscapes that are easy to get lost in. Furthermore, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘The Shape Of Water’ stand out for the Abi-led ensemble.

Both tracks head down a similar path, speaking passionately about preserving the planet around us. Both, however, have distinct characteristics that enable them to stand out on their own.

‘Tipping Point’ starts with a lead vocal performance from Abi. Evidently finding influence in early music, her passionate vocals soar out of the speakers sending goosebumps all around the body. Next, a violin instrument appears, its strong tone adding urgency to the mix. The track is constantly evolving, with numerous sections bringing something new to the forefront.

The guitar line that opens ‘The Shape Of Water’ also draws us in quickly. It gradually rises before settling back into the mix to let the violin take the spotlight. The violin moves the heart, and Abi serenades the ears with her beautiful vocal, calling us all to take action to rescue the earth before it is too late!

You can listen below:

‘Tipping Point’ here.

‘The Shape Of Water’ here.

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