Guy Hale Releases ‘Killing Me Softly’ Soundtrack

Guy Hale

In his recently published book, “Killing Me Softly”, the proprietor of a record label in the United Kingdom named Guy Hale exhibits the breadth of his talents. This book is currently available online and in paperback. The story of the life of Jimmy Wayne, a musician who at first seems to be going nowhere in life before everything in his life begins to significantly improve, is told in an exciting and action-packed manner in this book.

Jimmy is able to turn his life around by writing a hit song, but he doesn’t do it until after he has already committed a serious offence. The storyline of the book cries out for a musical accompaniment, and Guy, being the gentleman that he is, was well aware of how much a score might improve the written work that he had produced. After that, what did he do? He sought the assistance of two of his closest friends, Mike Zito and Kid Anderson, and the three of them came up with a score that is capable of penetrating the spirit on a profound level.

The novel’s soundtrack includes a total of twelve songs, the first of which is titled “Vacant Stare.” The song is a brilliant example of blues-rock, and it transports us straight to the Nevada desert, which is where the events of the novel take place. As the guitar riffs rush through the background cacophony, the gritty vocals of Mike Zito pull us into the world of Jimmy Wayne.

The song “Lonely Old Lady” has an alluring aesthetic and envelops itself in nostalgic elements; in addition, it features a guitar lead that explodes out of the production with a bite that is reminiscent of the greats players. It is a reflective piece that looks back on life, and it almost gives the impression that we are inside Jimmy’s head as we hear it. The final track on the record is titled “Cold Winds Blowing,” and it features an emotional pathway that leaves an indelible impression.

More information on the book and soundtrack can be found here.

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