Little Moses Jones Releases ‘City Or Country’

Little Moses Jones

Finding out that Little Moses Jones has a song called ‘City Or Country’ is a treat since upbeat music can be listened to anytime and never gets old. As the singer-songwriter performs, he generates excitement among the audience. As his infectious music begins to dominate the airways, it is challenging not to sway to the rhythm of the beat.

On this track, R&B, funk, and pop come together in harmony, and Moses provides a fantastic vocal performance, absolutely crushing it and leaving nothing left to chance. The beat tap that kicks the track into motion at the beginning of the song leads us to the melting point of the mix, which is the point at which all of the various components of the mix synergise. We are also suddenly driven to tap our feet in a frenzy by the bass grooves, while at the same time, the guitar jangles around the production with passion.

Moses makes a self-assured dash for the microphone, and his sense of self-assurance permeates the entire track. By means of his ardent singing and his upbeat tones, he offers an invitation to accompany him on a trip of a lifetime, one that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

You can listen here.

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