Artic Baba Share ‘Mr. Crazy’ Video

Artic Baba

Artic Baba keep climbing the ranks to the very top of the indie rock world, as seen by the release of the brand new music video for the band’s song titled ‘Mr. Crazy’. It is a film that, throughout its whole, manages to keep us on our toes, and the band’s ability to exhibit their innate creativeness is exciting.

The band from Milan, Italy immediately displays their mastery of their craft, and their performance is mesmerising! Those who enjoy the classic pop-rock sound of bygone eras will be glad to learn that this band has managed to keep its music sounding in a way that is both modern and distinctive. In addition to this, their zeal grows tenfold as the song progresses, and one can feel their vitality right from the start!

The members of the group, who had known each other from infancy, went their own ways at an early age in life; however, fate has brought them back together, and this time they are more stronger and more successful than when they were first together! They have the ability to capture the essence of life via the words that they write, which are genuine and from the heart, and the experience of listening to their music is one that is thrilling and joyful.

You can watch the video here.

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