Gabriele Kysel Releases New Single “Home”

Pop singer-songwriter, Gabriele Kysel, has released her latest single, “Home.”  The track was written by Gabriele Kysel, produced by Gabriele Kysel and Jean-Luc McMurtry, mixed by Jean-Luc McMurtry, and mastered by JD Moon.

“Home” explores Gabriele’s journey and how she has come home to music once more, and features her lush vocals accompanied by a clean pop production.

“I wrote ‘Home’ after I took my hiatus from music. I remember the moment I wrote it, it was just me and my piano,” says Gabriele. “My mind was completely still. I started playing chords and the words just came flying out of my mouth. Thus, ‘Home’ was made.”

Listen to “Home” below or click here to listen to it on your favorite platform.

Gabriele Kysel Bio
Gabriele Kysel is what you call a jack of all trades. She not only writes and sings her own music, she also produces it. In fact, her first single was entirely made by her only. It generated over 20,000 streams worldwide. She also is responsible for all the visual work. 

Gabriele began her music career at an early age. She has always loved music and when she was 13 years old, she decided to pursue it professionally. Learning that music is the only way for her. Her piano is her greatest companion, all of her music is written on it. It was gifted to her by her parents on her 14th birthday, and has been with her ever since. 

Kysel has combined two of her biggest interests and made a career out of it. She has an eye for visuals, colors, and photography, and also for writing her feelings out with music. On this journey of music, Gabriele is honored to be accompanied by you.

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