Space Babe’s Soulful Pop Smash Hit

Space Babe

Manchester up and coming Soul Pop band Space Babe have just released their latest single ‘Goodbye To Love’. A track which is significantly pertinent to anyone who has experienced a relationship breakup.  

‘Goodbye ToLove’ boasts a catchy soul ambiance throughout whilst keep a contemporary feel inits entirety. Multitalented London born Zac Lyons who performed multiple instruments on this release has produced a remarkable pop smash hit. Furthermore, his experience and skill has been showcased in a faultless manner. Nicole Battick delivers an exceptional notable vocal performance and her vocals shine elegantly from start to finish.This track is bringing success for the band in which I imagine they did not expect.Especially given the fact that they only met at university a short time ago.

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From listening to this track, it is clear to envisage the underlying message which is poised with bold lyrics. A message which portrays love in a different shade of light. They deliver a message that the end of a relationship does not mean the end of love.

Overall, it is difficult to pin point this release to any other release in 2018 and although it does remain relevant in today’s global industry it is strikingly unique with Space Babes distinct sound thriving.

The band are getting ready to embark on countless shows across the Manchester area in 2019. We will definitely be keeping a close eye on them and you can too. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest from this young exciting band.

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