AboGod Rises With ‘Chosen’


America is home to some of the best hip hop and R’n’B b artists in the world. There has been an avalanche of artists emerging from the underground in recent years. However, with AboGod, we have a name that will be around for a long time.

His latest track, ‘Chosen’, is overflowing with genuine emotion, and he’s carrying the flag for current hip hop. The song starts off with a euphoric synth arrangement that will hook even the most adamant listeners. It also has a catchy melody that will have you clinging to your seat for dear life. But for all the right reasons, as it instantly bonds the record.

AboGod rises with a gentle singing tone in the stanza, which is pretty chill. He sings with a sincere expression, and it’s easy to connect with him. His story is bold, and his message spreads joy; it touches the soul, and we’re captivated by his words.

Overall, AboGod delivers a captivating hip-hop release here with ‘Chosen’. In addition, it showcases what he has been storing up his sleeve for the past few years. Nevertheless, will it be enough to send him flying to the top? Only time will tell, but given his quality here, it will be no surprise to witness his ascent in the near future.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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