Luis Morrison Releases ‘Ultaviolet’

Luis Morrison

Luis Morrison takes centre stage, displaying what he’s been working on for the past few years with his debut single, ‘Ultraviolet,’ which makes a huge first impression.

The new musician from Birmingham doesn’t hold back, giving us everything he’s got, and he manages to create a soundscape with various aspects and influences. The basis fastens itself to a blues-rock texture, but as you go deeper into the mix, you’ll notice that Morrison cleverly incorporates a variety of other elements as well!

The first stanza of ‘Ultraviolet’ begins with a delicate guitar line that echoes and glides into the mix, meeting a cymbal brush. Luis Morrison enters the production, demonstrating that he has what it takes to rise through the ranks. He has a funky, bluesy vocal style that many will compare to some of the best vocalists in the industry, but he still adds lots of unique flavours to help him stand out; a necessary key to prospering as a new artist in such a competitive field.

The music is guitar-driven, and the guitar solo breaks through after the refrain; it has a silky smooth quality to it, and it leaves us giddy with excitement when it ends.

You can listen here.

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