iTalkBB and other Entertainment Giants Explore Opportunities in Chinese Entertainment Content

The Chinese TV drama market is gaining its spotlight on the global stage. The Chinese TV drama Story of Yanxi Palace has become the most googled TV show of 2018 around the world. Verizon, Netflix and other US entertainment and telecom giants sniff the opportunities in Chinese content and start setting foot in the Chinese content industry, targeting the Asian communities.

In August 2018, Netflix brought the exclusive right to stream The Rise of Phoenixes, a Chinese drama series about royal princes and concubines, aiming to strengthen its subscriber base among the Mandarin-speaking audiences. This was not the first time that Netflix streamed Chinese TV series. Netflix has signed deals for more than 200 hours of Chinese television series since 2016.

Seeing the great potential of the Asian market, more US companies start providing Chinese contents and seeking experienced partners. In 2018, Verizon Fios announced the strategic partnership with iTalkBB. As the pioneer and leading Chinese TV content provider in North America, iTalkBB has long been serving the copyright granted contents tailored to the Asian communities. Partnered with NBA players Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin, iTalkBB as a strong global brand will continue to play an active role in Asian communities.

“For more than 15 years, iTalkBB have been providing products and services tailored to its 1.2 million subscribers. In the recent years, we see a significant increase in our TV service subscription, which grant our subscribers access to the latest Chinese TV dramas, movies, and live streaming Chinese TV channels. iTalkBB serves as a strong brand with high expertise and powerful partner for those who want to set foot in Chinese content market or reach the Asian communities,” said Kevin Yang, the Business Development Manager of iTalkBB.

As the largest Chinese TV content purchaser of the North America, iTalkBB deeply understands the needs of its audiences and provides a well-rounded expert team to ensure the customer satisfaction. By closely following the entertainment trends, iTalkBB enables their subscribers to have access to the latest released Chinese TV series and movies in HD quality.

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