REAL LOVE is All Jane Handcock Wants on New Track “143”

I get it…cuz you ain’t never had a real love like me/I get it…but I guarantee you better days/If you let me LOVE YOU.

“OneFourThree,” the latest single from soulful prodigy Jane Handcock, starts with dreamy guitar riffs (which Jane herself performed!) and then unfolds into a slow and steady love ballad that will give you all the feels this Valentine’s Day. The also talented writer who’s crafted hits alongside some of the greatest in the game sounds all grown up as she promises a new kind of love for the one who’s ready to receive it.

I’m young but I’ve been hurt before/ I know you’ve been waiting a long time/ Me too, me too/ If you keep it real/ then I will promise you/ I’ll be waiting here/ Whatever we go through
Jane Handcock is known for pouring her heart and soul into her music, and the sound of her voice is both powerful and vulnerable on this touching song. The rhythmic guitar background and raw emotion is reminiscent of a young Lauryn Hill, and after Jane’s lyrics reach their peak, the beat drops out suddenly…closing the song with an acapella that is sure to give you chills. Enjoy the “OneFourThree” experience by clicking above, and stay tuned for more from this rising star.


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