Raphael Klemm Releases ‘Electrical Khamsin’

Raphael Klemm

Raphael Klemm, the pop-rock artist from Switzerland, has just released a brand new single ‘Electrical Khamsin’. The song is an energising piece and one we cannot get enough of!

This new release is the first official single from Klemm since his previous hit, ‘Dig Our Hole’, and it is apparent that he has been hard at work perfecting his art throughout this time. The chorus of ‘Electrical Khamsin’ is catchy, and the instrumentals are very lively, so you’ll definitely find yourself tapping your feet and bobbing your head while listening.

Klemm’s smooth and assured delivery is a distinguishing component of the track, and it works wonderfully to compliment the upbeat instrumentals. The lyrics are poetic and philosophical, delving into topics like as self-discovery and the process of moving towards greater personal development.

Overall, Raphael Klemm’s ‘Electrical Khamsin’ is a terrific release, and it is a promising indicator of things to come. It is evident that he has a promising future ahead of him in the music industry thanks to his one-of-a-kind sound as well as his unmistakable talent.

You can listen here.

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