Gillie Releases Brooding New Single “Llawn”

Welsh singer-songwriter Gillie has followed up her successful single “i ti” with a new release, “Llawn”, which offers a hauntingly atmospheric sound that delves into the struggles of modern life.

Gillie (pronounced ‘Jillie’ with a soft ‘G’), who not only writes but also produces and records her own music, has taken a new sonic direction with “Llawn”, seeking to “explore something that felt both rhythmically uncertain, and free, with builds and small releases of tension throughout”.

The new single’s theme focuses on the feeling of life changing due to external factors or someone else’s control over decisions, and finding a safe space within this. Gillie explains that “the idea that someone has power over you whilst you’re in a vulnerable state is interesting to me, and when I was writing this song, I had an image of someone force-feeding me these ‘changes’, hence the opening lyrics. It’s also about finding freedom in uncertainty and practising resilience, trying to find warmth in the present and embrace ambiguity.”

Gillie’s ability to blend gold-flecked guitar loops into an ambient haze on top of relentless driving rhythms is on full display in “Llawn”. The track offers a space for listeners to explore the anxieties, stress and struggles of modern life while finding solace in Gillie’s unapologetic and inherently intimate music.

With “Llawn”, Gillie has once again demonstrated her talent for crafting captivating music that connects with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

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