Jejune Get The Party Started With ‘Boogie Juice’


Jejune’s ‘Boogie Juice’ is a track that’s bound to get you grooving from the get-go! The upbeat tempo and lively beat make it impossible to sit still, and the feel-good vibe is welcome more than ever!

The catchy melody of ‘Boogie Juice’ is one of its strongest features. It’s the kind of tune that gets stuck in your head for days, and you’ll find yourself humming it long after the song is over. The vocals are salient yet free, adding to the joyous, fun vibe of the track. The lyrics are prevalent and easy to sing along to, making ‘Boogie Juice’ the perfect song to blast in the car or at a party this summer.

The guitar work on ‘Boogie Juice’ is also worth noting. The groovy riffs are a perfect complement to the song’s funky rhythm, adding an extra layer of depth and texture to the track. Also, the bridge towards the end of the song is especially ear-pleasing and adds a touch of excitement to an already lively tune.

Overall, ‘Boogie Juice’ brings infectious energy to the fore and the catchy melody is enough to brighten anyones day.

You can listen here.

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