Julia Thomsen Surprises Us With ‘Saranghae’

Julia Thomsen

The new composition by Julia Thomsen, ‘Saranghae’, has a profound effect on us. The latest offering from the London-based composer is now out, and it brings an air of purity.

Julia, a composer who is recognised for her passionate pieces, has fashioned yet another masterstroke here with her passion for nature once again blissfully motivating this new arrangement. It is a journey to a world full of peace, and one can sense the emotion that Julia captures in her giving. The piano prelude whisks us away from the insanity of our day-to-day lives, and as Julia enchants us with her arrangement, we can literally feel the burdens that have been resting on our shoulders being gradually relieved.

After the initial section, there is a segment featuring both synth and string arrangements. It is here where the piece really begins to flourish. The fascinating synergy that exists between all of the instruments leaves an indelible impression on our minds, and the soundscapes that burst forth from the speakers leave a similar imprint. To such an extent that, long after it has concluded, this work continues to resonate with us, enticing us back for more and leaving us hungry to hear what else Julia has in store for her 2023 collection.

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