Twista Season Has Begun! Listen to Motown-Inspired Single “TONITE”

Groundbreaking platinum rapper Twista returns with his new single “Tonite.” Inspired by the legendary music of Motown and Michael Jackson, the song blends a modern energy with smooth, sultry sonics that harken back to classic 1970s and 1980s soul. “I’m known to do a fast lyrical cadence, so any time I find a beat that I can pop a different type of flow to, then I love it,” explains Twista, who peppers his “Tonite” lyrics with several clever Michael Jackson references. “I heard that beat and when I started writing, I liked the way my rhymes were stacking on top of it. Then it has a Motown, Michael Jackson feel to it. It all clicked.” 

“Tonite” marks the next chapter for Twista in what is shaping up to be a blockbuster 2019. In March and April, the Illinois rapper will be headlining the Class of 96 Tour, which features fellow platinum rappers Do Or Die and gold group Crucial Conflict, as well as Shawnna and PsychoDrama. 

“On one level, it’s all of the homies,” Twista says. “On another level, it’s a lot of the artists from the West Side of Chicago. On another level, it’s a lot of artists from my particular era and we don’t usually get together and do a lot of stuff like this. But every time we do, we have a ball and everybody kills it. They all bring a fierce delivery when they do their thing.”
In June, Twista is slated to release his Summer 96 mixtape. Hosted by DJ Pharris, the collection features Do Or Die, Vic Spenser and others. July marks the 10-year anniversary of Twista’s acclaimed Category F5 LP. He’s also slated to release a new album this year. “It’s like I walked back in the studio the day after recording Adrenaline Rush and Kamikaze,” Twista says, comparing his forthcoming LP to his best-selling and most revered albums.

In the meantime, “Tonite” sets the stage for Twista to show that, yet again, he’s able to adapt to current sonic trends while remaining true to his signature high octane lyrical and delivery style. “When a new vibe or a new style comes out, for some strange reason, I will allow myself to get lost for a while,”Twista explains. “Then I try to figure it out and try to do it and how to keep up with the youngins. Then I come back to doing me, but with an understanding and a vibe of what’s current.”

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