NY Rapper/Producer Josh Stone Drops “Said That I Couldn’t” Single

New York emcee and producer Josh Stone is all about the positive vibes, but on his newest release “Said That I Couldn’t,” he’s not afraid to check a hater: Said that I couldn’t/ So you know that I did/ You’re broke and I’m flossin/ Take your girl to the crib.

Josh Stone continues “Said That I Couldn’t” with lyrical threats from poetic to literal over a beat so menacing it’s guaranteed to make any critics nervous. As a writer and beat-maker who was encouraged by Public Enemy’s Chuck D to not be afraid to step out on his own as an emcee, it’s clear from this latest release that he’s taken that message of fearlessness seriously.
“Said That I Couldn’t” is the second drop from Josh Stone’s own imprint, Real Vibez Only, an independent label that Josh founded to have the biggest impact possible on what he sees as a troubled music landscape. With production that has a reputation of turning heads among some of the greatest in the industry, “Said That I Couldn’t” is another solid offering from this rising star!

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