JustGlennJack releases new single “Morrissey”

Up-and-coming Californian artist JustGlennJack returns with an uplifting and upbeat hip-hop/rap single ‘Morrissey’. The single features an uplifting production, driving beat, and an anthemic vocal performance by JustGlennJack. The single starts off with a fading percussive melody that resonates throughout the entirety of the track. The track then proceeds to the main beat and the powerful 808s. The arrangement of ‘Morrissey’ is unique and different from that of other commercial hip-hop/rap productions. Undoubtedly, the track has the ability to impact the listener as it contains every anthemic element for an anthemic hip-hop track. The powerful 808s, with the driving beat, gives JustGlennJack’s flow another level of energy. The lyricism of this track will undoubtedly motivate the listener. ‘Morrissey’ has the ability to resonate with any hip-hop aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and impactful.

About JustGlennJack
JustGlennJack is a rapper and songwriter originating from Lancaster, California. The up-and-coming artist has music running through his veins and seeks to inspire people through his music. The Lancaster native is influenced by all that surrounds him. From walking in the street to talking to people, to seeing people being creative, JustGlennJack is able to combine it and create something unique. JustGlennJack seeks to share his fresh ideas with the world. JustGlennJack is an artist to keep an eye and an ear out for as he seeks to leave his footprint in the music industry.

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