Jonah Melvon Releases New Album ‘The Rainwater Project’

Jonah Melvon’s new full-length record “RainWater Project”, is finally here. This soulful record is refreshing, possessing deep musicianship, warm harmonies, a drip of lyrical weaponry, and overall a gravitational pull towards the repeat button. Jonah hailing from Oakland and being an entrepreneur advocate, spells out the grind and the need to support indie businesses, in his song “1099” (Mom and Pops). He articulates it best, in these lines of the song: “Support your local Mom and Pops, your local not to fund these spots, indie artists travel brick and mortar pop up music shops”.

The lyrical weaponry showers on his other single, “What’s Good for You”; as he addresses pressing issues like gentrification, unaddressed abuse, and an inhuman presidency. In Jonah’s words: “Circling back, balancing act, was never an act, truth of the fact, skintone dipped in the Nile so defiled they say, when I’m just being me, but on trial we stay”.

This full-length record is appropriately titled “RainWater Project”, because it’s been 10 years since his debut album. The drought is finally over!

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