VIBE GOD releases mini album “Internet Candy” with Swedish Hitmakers QUFO

On November 20th, Hip Hop artist VIBE GOD released his new “mini album”  Internet Candy, a body of music that chronicles his story as an artist and human being moving from dark to light.  A year ago, Vibe God was struggling, living in a hostile and dangerous environment in Houston, worrying about his family, loved ones and himself.  Nothing was going right for the artist and he decided to move out of the city to regroup. 

Living with his brother, he recorded a song called “Stampede” and after trolling Instagram, found beats and visuals from the Swedish producers QUFO.  He immediately decided to DM them, knowing that no one had beats and visuals like that and also knowing that if he could work with them it would put him in a different and positive creative space and give him the edge that he needed. 

An immediate connection happened and the Swedish hitmakers heard his music and told him to move to Los Angeles, paid for his studio time and developed a friendship and trust with him long before Vibe God knew who QUFO, the powerhouse producers even were.  Having hits with artists such as No Doubt, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Agnes Carlsson and Hurts (among others,) they knew that Vibe God was unique and immediately planned to meet him to collaborate and help him share the music that would change his life.

Now, a year later, they have recorded 40 songs at studios in Houston, the Blackwood and Nightbird studios in Hollywood and at QUFO’s studio in Sweden.  Below are some of the songs that have found a home on his “mini album”  INTERNET CANDY.  The story is just beginning….

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