Arro Releases Single ‘Prism’


Arro, the indie-pop musician located in Nashville, has recently released a single “Prism,” which has drawn our attention. Arro doesn’t hold back in his delivery and proves to be a forward-thinking musician. As a result, it is a hit that finds its way out of the park.

“Prism” is filled to the brim with emotion, and its passionate nature pulls at the listener’s heartstrings. We are never sure what will happen next and the structure is constantly shifting, keeping us on the edge of our seats the whole time. The fact that the track does not adhere to what has come before it or to what is happening massively across the scene is another fantastic thing about it. Instead, Arro takes the reins and steers the ship toward a direction that is rich in a variety of unique textures.

“Prism” is a pleasant surprise that, in the end, finds its way to being played over and over again.

Listen here.

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