Akil B. Strange And Rodney Hazard Release New Album


In addition to the technical mastery contributed by producer Rodney Hazard, Akil B. Strange offers the hip-hop charisma he exudes. The two of them will excite you right from the beginning of their new record, ‘Everything You’ve Heard Is True’.

The album, home to 13 of the most essential present-day hip-hop jewels, does not restrict itself to a single region and frequently pulls numerous elements from other styles into the production. The track ‘Good Morning’, which serves as a prelude, comes first on the CD, and then ‘Weight On Me’ follows smoothly. This song is grooving along with a laid-back atmosphere and enticing vocal hooks provided by Akil.

The track ‘Lifeline’ features a frightening introduction with pulse dips, which are eventually followed by a strong drum rhythm and an upfront lyrical delivery from Akil. He communicates with open and honest tones and reminds us why he is on the rise by drawing parallels between himself and a number of players who are currently considered to be among the greatest in the game.

‘Infantry’, which comes seven tracks into the album, is a real standout due to the thought-provoking subject matter that it explores. The music perfectly complements the feeling conveyed by the lyrics, and it manages to keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the entirety of the performance. The album is finished off perfectly with the song “Way Out,” which serves as the album’s concluding track.

You can listen here.

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