UK Grime Newbie JOSHUi Drops ‘Ends’


I relish new hip hop. It keeps me ticking. Luckily, I received the latest track from ‘JOSHUi’, and I have been itching to put my words to pen since it landed in my inbox. A record which fulfils any hip hop enthusiastic wishes. It comes full of surprises.

Let’s kick off with the prelude. It starts with a siren effect reminiscent of a police chase before then transitioning into a synth-based melody. Not short of any charisma, the rapper then delivers a substantial rap performance.

After the intro, we then delve deeper into the storyline and focus of JOSHUi’s words. He speaks vividly of difficulties and struggles coming to an end. He could not be more accurate with his lyrics, and it leaves a lot open to the imagination while being transparent with meaning.

The track keeps a constant theme going, and the structure stays relatively simple throughout, but that works. It is a release which does not need a tremendous amount of variance because it is merely expressing a message through bright and hard biting rap bars. It also stays relevant to the scene. As a result, it does not sit out of place to what else is happening in the industry, proving a huge prevalence.

Overall, the vocal is on point, and I like the emotion I hear within the performance. The mix is tight and well thought through. There is plenty of dynamics within the track too, and the music is majestic as well. But, it will be a tough cookie to follow up. Therefore you best get your thinking cap on JOSHUi because we expect even more striking and better next time.

Get your ears around the hottest new release from JOSHUi below. Also, you can keep up to date with the London based rapper on his socials here.

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