#1 Sales Expert Kash Hasworth Prepares to Release New Book

Kash Hasworth is an experienced leader in sales, marketing, culture development, and relentless execution. From scaling a wireless franchise to 28 locations across four states, maintaining the #1 spot for sales volume for nearly a decade, to joining the 1% of earners in the nation in the solar industry, his experience is nothing short of a disruption.

Kash is very passionate about helping other people reach their potential. His path wasn’t easy, having spent time in prison as a teenager, to making a name for himself in the sales world. Kash’ perseverance is undeniable. He credits his adversity for his success. We were able to catch up with Kash while he prepares to release his new book,  “Selling Keeps You Broke: A Holistic Approach to Disruptive Sales Performance to Earn Big”.

M.I.Connected: You came into the solar industry and crushed it, becoming the top sales rep in the nation for the largest solar company on the east coast in your first year. I’m curious, how did you have such explosive results without any experience?

Kash: I got into the industry after scaling a chain of wireless retail locations across the east coast that really gave me an in-depth understanding of sales, marketing, and operations. Going through that journey for over a decade, constantly recruiting salespeople and leaders at that volume, you get to learn from some of the most talented salespeople, that, mind you, were way more skilled than I was then and am now. But I found that the similarities of top performers were all the same. They kept their message simple and easy to digest, they kept their delivery authentic and delivered with pure confidence, and they exhausted every single angle to close the deal. Salespeople who obsess over selling tend to overcomplicate the simplicity in the art of selling and prioritize it over other more important elements that real disruptive performance requires.

M.I.Connected: “Just like any high-ticket sales position, solar can be a difficult industry for salespeople. How did you overcome the mental aspect of the ups and downs?”

Kash: One is by staying close to winners. The information you consume will consume you. And the nice thing about winners is they’re only going to give you the information that propels you forward. The accountability you need.  The encouragement, the positivity, but also the competitiveness. It’s tough to let circumstances defeat you when you’re talking to a circle of victors.

Two, to have any level of success, especially in sales, you have to have mental fortitude. There’s a line in my upcoming book that says “at the heart of top performance is the mind that conquers the result.” Unless you have the right mindset, there’s no right amount of sales training or mentorship that’s going to take you to the forefront of your space. Every top-performing sales rep I’ve ever encountered has had a fierce mindset to find a way to make the deal happen, accept rejection if it doesn’t, and move on to the next without a loss of confidence or enthusiasm.

M.I.Connected: “When did you decide it was time to start your own solar company with Solar Ignite Group?”

Kash: I’m passionate about energy independence and equally passionate about building something sustainable. Working for someone else, I always found myself volunteering to help build out departments, penetrate new markets and create a ton of sales content that helped us achieve our mission in the most efficient and effective way possible. At some point, the baby bird had to leave its nest. So, after about three years in the industry, I made the leap and founded Solar Ignite Group. And it’s allowed me to have even greater control over the customer experience to enhance that sustainability and expand energy independence.

M.I.Connected: “What are a few key takeaways that new reps entering into the industry or tenured salespeople can adopt to elevate their skills to go to the next level?”

Kash: One, enjoy the process. For me, that process of chasing disruptive levels of success is what really excites me and drives me to run to it in the morning. There’s nothing exciting about laying a dead gazelle in front of a lion. It’s the hunt, it’s the chase, it’s that adrenaline throughout that process that fuels me to go out and execute.

Two, don’t wing it. Have a process. Have structure. And apply that structure to your day and your sales pitch. I’m very intentional with what I say, how I say it, and when it’s said.

And three, be relentless. From a sales perspective, what separates top performers from average or poor performers is what takes place after they’ve been firmly rejected. View rejection as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than a personal failure. Analyze it, reflect, and go back to that circle of winners for feedback to elevate your skills for the next opportunity.

M.I.Connected: “Where can we find you? Social media handles? Anything that the audience can support?”

Kash: You can find me on all platforms @KashHasworth. If you want to learn more about me and some of the businesses and projects I’m involved in, just visit KashHasworth.com. I have a book on the way (“Selling Keeps You Broke: A Holistic Approach to Disruptive Sales Performance to Earn Big”), so be sure to follow me closely on Instagram or Twitter!

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