Israeli Star Or Golan Releases “I am Greedy” + interview

Or Golan is a 23-year-old Israeli musician and composer. He has been stuttering since he was 3 and is a patient with FMF, which is an arthritis that causes pain from prolonged exertion. But he hasn’t let that stop him from his dreams of creating great music for the world to hear. He’s created over 100 songs and written 4 books. We caught up with Or to learn more about his music and goals.

How did you get started with music?

Everyone has something different; the talent is yours and it is given to you by God. In May 2020 I had the feeling that I was supposed to make music, just like that, I don’t know where it came from, because I never learned musical notes or anything like that. The first album was Superstar Baby and since then it’s all history, I started my life and I won’t let people say I’m gone, I’m here forever, for life.

Do you have any family members with musical talent?

If they had any musical or artistic sense, I would have already jumped off the building 🙂

How has your stutter affected you creating music?

When I was asked this question in an interview a year ago on a radio program in Boston, I said that my talent is only mine, I choose what to do with it and there I have no limitation whatsoever. But today I will say that without the stammer no one would have listened to me because I don’t have an interesting story to tell, and my songs would have been thrown away

You’re also an accomplished author. Can you tell us more about your books?

My love is to write, and I did it, it was fun my daughter used to write four books (all in Hebrew). talent takes you and throws you to other districts or some such messages and it’s fun, I think anyone can write, the question is if you do it well?

What is your process like when you create a song?

A B C D H W Z H and so on, just kidding 🙂
I never learned musical notes, theories, from music books and such, I don’t have it. God gave me a huge talent because he gave me all the melodies complete in my head, so yes

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard you before?

There was an article a few months ago about me and they wrote that I have an artistic mind, so only art and that’s what I like

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

When all this I did with one song that worked for me:
over 206000 copies of singles have been sold: Times Square, Radio Plays, Articles, Radio and television interviews, my music has entered more than 70 countries.

# Over 10000 radio plays for the song I am Greedy worldwide
#9 times first place in the radio charts
# 16 radio interviews to audiences of millions of listeners
# 4 TV appearances in Brazil to an audience of 2.5 million viewers
# More than 20 official remixes for the song I am Greedy

What else do you wish me to do?

Where can we find you online?

Just search on Google OR GOLAN – I am Greedy and Google will do the rest

Any final thoughts or shout outs?

Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home 🙂

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