Gary Mictian Releases New Single

Gary Mictian

You will be hooked on Gary Mictian’s newest single, ‘I Die Every Night’ the moment you press play on it. Gary Mictian is the man of the hour, and this song is the electronic juice that will get you addicted to him.

The song has a gigantic sound to it, and it would not be out of place if it were played at some of the largest venues in the globe. Gary pushes the envelope with a texture that explores both pop and electronic tones, and the result is an impressive anthem. I Die Every Night’ begins with an ascending introduction, the synth arrives rapidly before receding just as fast before an arpeggiated loop that also has Gary reaching for the front of the mix.

In terms of structure, it keeps quite close to regular territory for other tracks in the same vein, yet there is a newness to this one that makes it stand out. It is difficult to find fault with the clarity of the mix, and the high-octane instrumentation brings everything together, opening up at various points, and paving the way for an unforgettable journey ahead.

The vocal hook that can be found in the chorus brings in the dough. Also, the sing-along vocal melody that Gary makes creates an earworm experience. He discusses feeling crazy, being on the losing end of a breakup, and experiencing a wide range of emotions as a direct result of loss.

Listen here.

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