Mustie Is All Chill With ‘Fantasma’


I love to review chill tracks. It kind of goes without saying, but it puts me at ease. That is the feeling I have when writing about ‘Fantasma’ from Mustie.

The artist is still relatively underground. But he is on the right path to the VIP tent. Overall, I like this release. I am not one to always get on the wavelength of northern electronic artists, but I do here. He has taken a leaf out of the books of many of the greats. But, yet come up with something unique to himself.

It kicks off pretty much as it means to go on. We hear no long intro or anything hugely show-offy. It is just a straight forward banger with the vocals punching it from the get-go. It is a sharp deliver from the young artist. But I would have liked to have heard a little more in terms of backing. The backing vocals are audible, but I feel that this type of track could have leveraged harmonies even more, possibly to create an ever-greater stereo effect.

The title ‘Fantasma’ means Ghost or Spook. Musically, we hear nothing to match that, but we do find an accurate match with the lyrics. Does the artist speak about a loved one who left him? Maybe he is now spooked out by all of it? Or potentially feels like a ghost now? Or maybe he even got ghosted. We are not aware of the motive being the single, but it seems a prevalent assumption.

Structurally very good, I do not need to bore you with all the ins and outs of that, but it makes a potent mix and a track which will cement itself into 2020 electronic hits for sure.

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