Nightlife Star Mike Jay Drops Surprise Album

A key player in L.A.’s world-famous nightlife scene, Mike Jay has BEEN living the lifestyle that most rappers aspire to. Despite his years throwing some of THE wildest parties around, until recently it never occurred to him to create any of the soundtracks for these crazy nights himself. But when the Covid-19 shutdown hit L.A. county hard, Mike decided it was time to get into the studio and make the most of his time during quarantine: “This album is like a magic trick. It’s kinda popping up out of nowhere. In the past month and a half I created all of these songs from scratch. I decided to release this album because the more I created the better feedback I got. This is new to me and random. It’s something different and just out the blue, so I figured I would just GO FOR IT.”

The Chocolate Bunny is the unexpected result of Mike Jay’s go-with-flow approach. Named for his alter-ego, the sometimes business-suited, sometimes hoodie-rocking cartoon bunny that signifies his personal brand, this project is surprisingly refined considering the short time spent on its development. With first single “Trick B****h” garnering a lot of attention online, Mike continued with his newfound formula and laid down multiple high-energy tracks (like standout banger “Take Off”) as well as reflective songs about life’s struggles and his faith in God (like “Fighting Demons” and “Lord Forgive Us”). 

“Making this music is an adventure for me. I like music that has a concept, something that you can feel. As I’m in the studio writing a song, it almost becomes a type of therapy. Writing is a good expression. It’s a release. I see how people fall in love with this expression.”

Despite Mike Jay’s many years in the entertainment industry, The Chocolate Bunny is a fresh experience for everyone who hears it. As a newfound artist with an open mind, there’s no doubt his expression will continue to evolve as long as he keeps creating. Stay tuned for more of his creativity while we all wait patiently for the parties to return and click to keep up with @mikeejaayy on Instagram!

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