The Hassan Assassin Releases ‘Come Over’

The Hassan Assassin

The Hassan Assassin is smashing it on his new release ‘Come Over’. A track which is cementing the rappers name even deeper into the rap archives. It has a party vibe going on, and it is the type of record which will get you bopping along instantly.

Positivity is flowing through The Hassan Assassins veins here, and it conveys his feel-good emotion to the world. It is refreshing to hear a track which is not groaning about the world, and this one is taking a positive approach. Kicking off is a bubbling synth lead and an underwater splashing effect which makes me feel like I should be listening to this by the shore.

We are then in with a steady beat which increases the pace rapidly and a rap performance from The Hassan Assassin which captivates with unique and relatable lyricism. Following a traditional rap technique, Hassan brings a new flavour too with him often changing his style with the verse and chorus melodies sounding very divergent. I savour this because it keeps it from becoming a dull, predictable track which can often occur when a melody line continues relatively constant.

My only pet hate though is that it feels like there should be more. The track is relatively short sitting at just under 3 minutes in length, and I think it could do with a bit more at the end. Nevertheless, it does influence us to hit the replay button, and I suppose short is sweet?

Overall, it is a track which stands out as a unique gem. It does take influence. But then again the majority of records like this do too, and the influence adds even more flavour. So wait no longer, you can take a listen to ‘Come Over’ by The Hassan Assassin below.

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