Tanaka Makoni Shares ‘Lust’

Tanaka Makoni

Tanaka Makoni is a new name to me. I was not aware of her talent until I recently received her new track ‘Lust’. By heck does this track shine. It has an underground hip hop feel but yet has plenty of contemporary flavours poking out too.

Chill and relaxed is the approach which Tanaka has gone with here on ‘Lust’. So much so, it is hard not to feel the tranquillity flowing through the veins from the moment it kicks off. A gentle tapping beat opens with a synth lead which sounds angelic with its heavenly aura. The bass line which accompanies the rhythm is bold, and it grabs our attention with its warm and inviting stance.

Vocally, Tanaka lends an unforgettable performance. Her intro is piercing with the track gradually getting to the boiling point with a verse which conveys her emotion conspicuously. Tanaka sings with lots of relevance, and many, including myself, can get onto her wavelength instantly. She talks about an area of love which we all know too well, heartbreak.

Musically, there is nothing to complex, but I relish this approach. It does not need to have all the guns blazing because that would surely take away the focus on the sublime vocal deliveries. Also, it is a sentiment to the singer’s experiences; therefore, it may have got in the way of the emotion which we hear as the track plays out.

Overall, it is a hip hop track which I have been craving without consciously knowing. It has all the ingredients to be a hip hop smash it, and it is showing no signs of slowing since its initial release. You can take a listen to ‘Lust’ by Tanaka Makoni below.

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