Kaja Feels Nostalgic With ‘Polish Flowers’


Scottish-based rnb and soul singer Kaja’s single Polish Flowers” could melt butter. The song is a homesick composition in which the singer reflects on the beauty of her birthplace, Poland, and it is a nostalgic piece in which the singer looks back with loving memories.

Kaja has an ethereal quality to her voice that even the harshest critics will struggle to criticise. In addition, the musical arrangement that sits alongside the vocal is captivating, with multiple avenues followed that leave a long-lasting memory of adventure.

KAJA is influenced by artists such as Jorja Smith and Jhene Aiko, yet she develops her own soundscape. With an ethereal piano, the music is motivating, paving the stage for KAJA’s harmonically rich vocal delivery. In addition, as the song proceeds, it blossoms like a spring flower, with a dash of jazz and pop giving weight to the base.

You can listen here.

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